Naples Fishing Charters

Naples Fishing Charters

Paradise Coast Charters is based at the Cocohatchee River Marina in Naples, Florida. Captain Blake has lived in Naples since he was a teenage boy, and has fished for years in Naples’ beautiful coastal waters. Together he and his father, Rick, run Paradise Coast Charters, which can truly be said to be your first choice for Naples fishing charters in the region.

Sure you can venture out on your own, but where would you start? Where would you go? There are so many islands and reefs to explore. Captain Blake has the local knowledge to sift out the least rewarding spots, saving you time and fuel while ensuring you catch the best grouper and snapper on your Naples fishing charter trip. After all, it is you and your family’s fishing adventure. Leave it to the professionals to work out the hard stuff like navigating to the places where the fish are hitting. Your only responsibility is to hook as many gamefish as you can, and to have the time of your life while doing it. A Naples fishing charter should all be about the fish!

Naples Spearfishing Charters

Paradise Coast Charters offers spearfishing charters too. Spearfishing can be quite controversial, but the fact remains that spearfishing is the most environmentally sustainable and responsible way of catching fish. There is no live bait, no fishing lines or lead weights that can become lost, no hooks injuring fish and, most importantly, no bycatch.

Spearfishing is a totally targeted way of catching fish: clean, with no repercussions affecting other fish species. Spearfishing helps keeps the lionfish, an invasive, non-native species of fish, down in numbers along the south-west Florida coast. Tournaments are often held locally to spear as many lionfish as possible, a proportion of which are sold locally as seafood, just be careful of the venomous spines.

Until quite recently, spearfishing in Naples was actually banned up to nine miles offshore. You either needed to go further offshore to spear fish, or alternatively, further north to Fort Myers where spearfishing near shore has always been allowed. Thanks to the Naples Spearfishing League, this ban was overturned, although certain species like Goliath grouper, snook, and permit still cannot legally be spearfished.

Captain Blake knows the best spots to go spearfishing due to his many years of experience and accrued local knowledge. Whether you use a band spear gun, pneumatic spear gun or a Hawaiian Sling, Captain Blake will ensure you make the most of your Naples spearfishing charter.

Naples Scuba Diving Charters

Naples boasts great scuba diving opportunities. While the warm waters off the Gulf of Mexico coast can lack the visibility of the Atlantic Ocean, especially during the winter, they are teeming with schools of fish that will stick in your memory for a lifetime. Where else can you spot Goliath grouper, stingrays, sea turtles, and nurse sharks in such abundance? The Naples scuba diving charters offered by Paradise Coast Charters are professionally run, providing you with an accomplished dive master on each adventurous dive so you can safely explore the best ledges, shipwrecks and artificial reefs for fish.

Our Naples scuba diving charters can introduce advanced level divers to such legendary underwater sites as the Black Hole, a prehistoric sinkhole 27 miles offshore with an hourglass-shaped limestone shaft that descends 224 feet, and is inhabited by sea turtles. Slightly further offshore is a steel navigation tower, descending seventy feet to the sea floor and filled with barracuda, grouper and snapper. There is even an upside-down wreck of a paddlewheel steamer to explore resting 80 feet down on the sea floor.

Naples Sunset Cruises

Book one of Paradise Coast Charters’ Naples sunset cruises and experience one of south-west Florida’s memorable sunsets while cruising along the shoreline of Wiggins Pass. Watching the sun disappear over the horizon casting its vibrant pink and orange hues across vivid calm blue waters is an unforgettable experience which simply must be captured on film.

As dolphins race alongside your catamaran, why not toast your beautiful evening with a glass of chilled white wine, relaxing in the company of those friends and family you love.

Naples Eco Tours

Paradise Coast Charters offers some of the best Naples eco tours in the area. There is no other spot in the USA where you might see manatees, dolphins and alligators all inhabiting the same waters. Inside North America, a mangrove forest habitat of this size is virtually unique to Naples.

You will be thrilled at the sight of huge, barnacled, yet very gentle, manatees, which will often venture close to the boat if the motor is running quietly. Dolphins are a common sight, because they can live in fresh and salt water, and so are ideally suited to the brackish waters of Naples Bay.  Then there are the sea turtles, as well as many rare and endangered tropical birds, such as ospreys, bald eagles, pelicans and the reclusive egret. Of course what you will see on the day depends very much on the time of year, but Captain Blake will answer any questions you might have on the local wildlife.

Keewaydin Island is one of the largest islands in the Naples area, just fifteen miles south of Wiggins Pass. If you are there during one of the warmer months, you might witness sea turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs. With its beautiful beach overlooking the dazzling blue waters of the Gulf, Keewaydin Island is also home to an astonishing array of amazing shells, including mollusks, sand dollars, variegated sea urchins, horseshoe crabs and of course the familiar five-pointed starfish. In fact, Keewaydin Island is renowned for having the best shelling in the area.

The entire stretch of the Naples coastline can be viewed on one of Paradise Coast Charters’ Naples eco tours safely and in comfort from either one of our World Cat catamarans. The Naples Eco Tour is suitable for all ages, and trips can last between three to eight hours.
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