Marco Island Fishing Charters

Marco Island Fishing Charters

Marco Island is connected to the Naples district by only two bridges, and is the largest barrier island within the Ten Thousand Islands area. With its semi-tropical climate, and six mile long natural beach covering most of the west coast, it is a fisherman’s dream.

Book yourself one of our Marco Island fishing charters and if you decide to fish nearshore, for example off the grass flats of Cape Romano, you can expect to hook snapper, ladyfish, snook, redfish, and crevalle jack among the maze of mangrove forests to the south of the island.

Opt for an eight hour offshore Marco Island fishing charter, and you will be looking at bigger fish, and as a result, a broader grin from Captain Blake. He will be taking you out to sea in a World Cat catamaran, equipped with the latest fish-finding electronics and weather radar.

Over nine miles out, and depending on the time of year, expect to catch the aptly named Goliath grouper, snapper, black and red grouper, permit, cobia, barracuda, and shark. Remember, larger seas means bigger fish, which also means bigger smiles from the captain. This is because the people who run Paradise Coast Charters are not only experienced and knowledgeable about south-west Florida coastal fishing, they are passionate about it too. They want you to have hauled in a lot of fish by the end of your adventure, and have enjoyed yourself doing it.

Marco Island Spearfishing Charters

The Gulf waters off Marco Island, as with anywhere off the south-west coast of Florida, resembles more of an undersea desert. Unlike the Florida Keys, where the sea floor is strewn with coral reefs, the south-west coast Gulf waters are composed of limestone ledges, shipwrecks and reefs. With depths varying from 20 to 150 feet, these ledges and reefs, which become colonized with corals and sponges, act like magnets to numerous fish species including Goliath grouper, sea turtles, snapper, sharks, barracuda, amberjack, and many others. Some reefs are natural, but many have been created artificially from rubble and concrete culverts, even old army tanks! Of course your average hogfish cannot distinguish between an M60 tank and a pile of bridge rubble, so the marine life is often just as impressive whichever sea feature you visit.

Spearfishing is all about ambush. Free diving spearfishing is about taking a deep and relaxed breath in preparation, then diving and concealing yourself to wait for the fish to come to you before striking with deadly accuracy. With its numerous underwater artificial reefs, wrecks and ledges, the Gulf waters off Marco Island offer dozens of excellent hiding places from which to spear fish. Armed with his extensive local knowledge, Captain Blake knows the best sites and will gladly guide you to them. He wants your Marco Island spearfishing charter to be as fun and as successful as possible.

Marco Island Scuba Diving Charters

There is plenty to explore off Marco Island when you go scuba diving. The first artificial concrete reefs are located two to five miles offshore, all home to schools of amberjacks, snapper, snook, and mackerel. Lying about five miles out, in thirty feet of water, is the John D Barge spanning 80 feet in length. Here you will find the protected Goliath grouper gliding in and out of its old decks, together with many Mantis shrimp.

About a dozen to two dozen of the inquisitive Goliath grouper can often be found amongst the sunken remains of an old shrimp boat called the Bubba Gump. Further out is the nine mile reef, a great dive site for encountering dolphins. Another barge, The Kidd, lies in about 45 feet of water about ten miles from Marco Island. This wreck is a great place to dive if you want to see plenty of snapper, grouper and barracuda, as well as the sometimes ornery Goliath grouper.

Paradise Coast Charters provides a dive master to accompany you on its Marco Island scuba diving charters, and will never let you dive beyond your abilities and certified levels. However, for more advanced divers the most popular dive site is the Blue Hole, a freshwater spring about thirty miles out that is literally a hole, 80 feet in diameter and starting about 70 feet down on the sea floor

Not quite so far offshore is the first of the R Towers, rooted about 75 feet deep in the sea floor and rising about 100 feet in the air. For viewing loggerhead turtles and nurse sharks, a terrific dive site is the nine-mile ledge, about half a mile long and sunk forty feet deep.

There is no shortage of great dive sites to choose from on one of Paradise Coast Charters’ Marco Island scuba diving charters.

Marco Island Sunset Cruises

The weather and sea conditions off the south-west coast of Florida are generally excellent, and you can usually expect calm, dazzling blue waters, light, warm breezes and of course sunny skies. These mild, balmy conditions provide the perfect backdrop for a Marco Island sunset cruise.

While relaxed and comfortable in a Pleasure Coast Charters catamaran, sit back with a chilled glass of Chardonnay and admire a breathtakingly beautiful sunset as the sun dips over the Gulf’s horizon. If you are lucky, your boat may be accompanied by playful dolphins. Either way a Marco Island sunset cruise is simply an unforgettable experience.

Marco Island Eco Tours

The Marco Island eco tours offered by Paradise Coast Charters are a wonderful opportunity to see dolphins, sea turtles, alligators, manatees and innumerable species of birds, both waders and birds of prey. Marco Island, together with The Ten Thousand Islands to the south comprises an extremely life productive estuarine eco-system, which during the trip will be explained in a fun way by Captain Blake.

The eco-critical subtropical estuaries of the Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge and the Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve can all be explored, together with the Cape Romano Aquatic Preserve, which is situated on one of the more remote barrier islands in the area.

Stop to explore one of the many white natural beaches along the way, and enjoy some of the best shelling in the Florida state. Contact Paradise Coast Charters today to book your next water adventure.

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