Estero Fishing Charters

Estero Fishing Charters

Situated near some of the most beautiful waters on the planet, no trip to the Estero area would be complete without traveling around its scenic waterways. Fortunately, Paradise Coast Charters is a few minutes down the road, and Captain Blake, in his World Cat catamaran, knows these waters like the back of his hand. Enjoy an extremely wildlife productive estuarine environment comprised of mangrove forests, grass flats and oyster bars. Captain Blake‘s catamaran can take you to places that are not accessible to the traditional V-shaped hulls, and you will be able to experience wonderful sea creatures in their natural habitat.

If you are looking to embark on a wonderful fishing adventure, take the time to travel down the road to Paradise Coast Charters. Outside Estero Bay, and its troop of barrier islands, there are many opportunities to motor offshore, which offers keen fishermen plenty of chances to reel in big saltwater gamefish like shark, barracuda, amberjack, tarpon, permit and cobia, as well as different species of snapper and grouper. Whether you are a resident, or visiting from out of town, exploring fishing charters near Estero is a great way to learn and add some excitement, to anyone’s day.

Estero Spearfishing Charters

The Gulf of Mexico has some of the best boat spearfishing in the world, and any keen spear-fishermen booking one of Paradise Coast Charters’ spearfishing charters near Estero will not be disappointed with the abundance of saltwater gamefish swimming around out there.

You can choose between a six or eight-hour spearfishing charters. With the eight-hour trip, Captain Blake will take you up to forty miles offshore where cobia and grouper dart and glide among the recesses of artificial reefs, limestone ledges, and a number of shipwrecks which range from sunken barges, to shrimp boats, to freighters torpedoed by German U-boats.

The site offers even more for its potential fishermen by providing exceptional spearfishing sites from which to conceal yourself among the recesses, and ambush your prey with one carefully aimed shot from your spear gun. Whether you prefer to spearfish with or without a scuba tank, there are plenty of snapper, grouper (just leave alone the protected Nassau and Goliath), cobia, hogfish, and sheepshead to catch on an Estero spearfishing charter run by Paradise Coast Charters.

Estero Scuba Diving Charters

There are a countless number of great scuba diving opportunities offshore just outside Estero. Paradise Coast Charters run their scuba diving charters with the sole aim of taking you to the best sites. With his ardent passion for the area, Captain Blake will idle his catamaran up to a spot where one of the artificial reefs or wrecks lay sunken beneath sparkling calm blue waters, and wait patiently for you to complete your swim. He wants you to enjoy your dive safely and responsibly, so a dive master will always be in attendance to guide you if required.  Where and for how long you dive will depend on your certification levels of course, which will first be looked at by Captain Blake in the interests of your own safety.

After that, let him keep a nautical eye on the horizon for any change in the weather while you enjoy swimming underwater with the myriad of saltwater aquatic species that inhabit these dive spots. Dive depths on scuba diving charters vary between 25 to 80 feet, so there is plenty to explore. Keep an eye out especially for the bovine-like Goliath grouper, often found in herds that number a dozen or more. 

Many of the wrecks and reefs are also home to many other species of grouper, as well as snapper, barracuda and much more. Be reassured you will see a variety of fish on one of our scuba diving charters near Estero.

Estero Sunset Cruises

Enjoy one of Paradise Coast Charters’ magnificent Estero sunset cruises. The calm, blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico, and its surrounding waters, offers some beautiful sunsets, with the pink, yellow and orange hues of the slowly fading sun presenting a truly majestic sight that will stay with you forever. If you are lucky you may witness a ‘green flash’. These are green spots of light that briefly appear on the upper rim of the sun’s disk as it sets.

With ice and a cooler provided on the boat, Paradise Coast Charters can offer the perfect opportunity and romantic setting to toast that special wedding anniversary with a glass of Blanc du Bois from a Florida winery.

And as you relax together aboard his catamaran on the calm, blue waters, Captain Blake will engagingly inform you about its marine ecology and history. You may even see dolphins!

If you are visiting Estero and would like more information on a sunset cruise, Paradise Coast Charters and just down the road.

Estero Eco Tours

The pristine waters close to the Estero area are a rich estuarine environment for marine life, all of which can be enjoyed with one of Paradise Coast Charters’ eco tours. Captain Blake will be eager to impart his knowledge of this area’s diverse and life productive eco system, and will ensure you have a good close look at the abundance of wildlife that thrives here among the dense seagrass beds. These include pelicans, herons, egrets, ospreys, manatees, and of course, everyone’s favorite, the bottlenose dolphins. If you are lucky you may even spot the American bald eagle soaring overhead, or river otters swimming near the banks.

With tours lasting anywhere between three to eight hours, there is plenty to see on one of our eco tours near Estero, FL, and you are free to customize your tour as you see fit. Have lunch out on the water or stop off at one of the beautiful natural beaches for some of the best shelling around.

If you are making a visit to Florida Gulf Coast University, coming to take in the picturesque village of Estero, or have been a lifelong resident, Paradise Coast Charters is the perfect way to learn and experience all that the nearby waters have to offer. Our fishing charters near Estero, are a wonderful way to spend your day, and Captain Blake is ready to help share it with you. Contact us today, and see how a short trip down the road, can lead to a lifetime of memories.

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