Bonita Springs Fishing Charters

Bonita Springs Fishing Charters

With its miles of white natural beaches and sparkling blue waters, Bonita Springs provides some of the best fishing opportunities available in the state. Paradise Coast Charters offers customizable Bonita Springs fishing charters aboard a comfortable World Cat catamaran, piloted by Captain Blake.

From Bonita Springs, the Imperial River flows out either into the aptly named Fish Trap Bay, or to the southern tip of Estero Bay, with the barrier islands of Big Hickory Island and Bay’s Island situated to the west. Lovers Key Boat Ramp is also just a short ride away.

Bonita Springs fishing charters enables you to fish for snook, redfish, trout, and shark, all year round, however you may also find jack crevalle, barracuda, and snapper. Gamefish are abundant in these inshore waters, and very easy to catch.

Captain Blake is extremely knowledgeable about the local fish and the tidal flows. He will even show you how to handle a fishing rod, how to keep the lines tight, and how to reel those fish in! Not only does he have extensive local knowledge, but Captain Blake also has a passion for fishing these waters. This is why his Bonita Springs fishing charters are so successful with customers returning again and again.

Bonita Springs Spearfishing Charters

Whether you use a tank or free dive, there are plenty of places to go spearfishing along the south-west coast of Florida. Diving off a boat is essential, because shore diving is very restricted. Paradise Coast Charters offers the perfect catamaran to dive off of, and its Bonita Springs spearfishing charters have produced many happy return customers over the years.

Spearfishing trips take place between five to forty miles offshore. With plenty of fish in the Gulf of Mexico, it is crucial you know the right spots to visit, specifically where to find the artificial reefs and shipwrecks which attract the most fish. You can expect to spear plenty of snapper, grouper, amberjack, cobia, and hogfish.

A dive master will be provided on your Bonita Springs spearfishing charter to ensure you are literally not out of your depth and diving safely only to your certified limits. He will also advise which fish species are permitted to be speared and which are not.
With charter trip Gulf depths ranging from 25 to 80 feet, there are plenty of spots to go spearfishing without wearing a tank, and if you are targeting the invasive but extremely tasty lionfish using a pole spear or Hawaiian sling, you do not even need a recreational fishing license!

Bonita Springs Scuba Diving Charters

Paradise Coast Charters offers either six or eight hour Bonita Springs scuba diving charters, taking you out as far as forty miles offshore with the eight-hour trip. We can take you out to a wide variety of reefs, shipwrecks, live coral reefs, and springs. There is even a couple of old Air Force relay towers rising 100’ out of the water to explore, encrusted with beautiful coral, and home to amberjacks, permits, and snappers. These towers, which incidentally descend about 50 to 75 feet to the Gulf floor, provide some of the best spots off the south-west coast to free dive.

A dive master will be on hand to assist you wherever you dive, and the catamaran is equipped with state-of-the-art electronics to monitor the weather tidal flows. These can be crucial factors with the Gulf’s underwater visibility, which varies between ten and sixty feet depending on the time of year and weather patterns.

Bonita Springs Sunset Cruises

One of the very best things about a Bonita Springs sunset cruise is that bottlenose dolphins love them too. Frequently on these cruises you will delight in the playful antics of these wonderful marine critters as they race alongside your catamaran.

Paradise Coast Charters offers a sunset cruise off the coastline of Wiggins Pass. The trip lasts two and a half hours, enabling you to enjoy the breathtaking scenery, white natural beaches, and exclusive homes and cottages which adorn this beautiful coastline. Sailboats may be dotted about the Gulf’s blue waters, enhancing the setting.

Sunset cruises also provide a unique opportunity to celebrate a special moment. What finer romantic setting for you and your beloved than to be escorted by dolphins as the sun sets slowly over the Gulf? What better time to propose to him or her on one knee? Just watch out for those playful dolphins when you present the ring!

Bonita Springs Eco Tours

There are some great Bonita Springs eco tours offered by Paradise Coast Charters. A typical tour lasts from three to eight hours. You can explore the New Pass in Bonita Springs, home to dolphins and manatees, as well as many rare and endangered shore birds including herons, egrets, pelicans and ospreys. Altogether there are nearly 300 species of birds in the Imperial River/ Estero Bay area, as well as many aquatic creatures living in these brackish waters.

Learn about the maze of mangrove forest eco systems from Captain Blake, whose passion and local knowledge will keep you fascinated for hours.

Explore the fresh water Imperial River which flows from the old-Florida beach town of Bonita Springs and pours into the salt water Estero Bay, bringing with it all the nourishing requirements for a productive estuarine environment. With its lush beds of sea grass, Estero Bay is the most wildlife productive estuary in Florida.

Why not opt for a stop along one of the paradise beaches to collect sea shells? You will not believe the variety of types and colors you will see there. Your kids will go home laden with bags of perfectly formed seashells.

Whatever you seek, from fishing, to scuba diving, to a beautiful sunset or nature cruise, Paradise Coast Charters has something unique and delightful to offer.

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